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We are more than ‘bikes & bananas’

OCAID Wellbeing is focussed on helping organisations develop a caring culture where people feel good and function well.

Clients using our systematic approach, Cultural Wellbeing™, notice wider improvements; in engagement, stress reduction and productivity. As well as making wellbeing easier and more natural for staff, clients develop their organisational culture from simply ad hoc, system and compliance focussed to proactive and people-centred.

The Wellbeing Journey

Wellbeing and engagement are often thought of as separate concepts and usually only after trailing indicators such as stress, absenteeism and presenteeism suggesting failures in the process.

As part of our portfolio of consultancy services, designed to guide our clients on their journey to achieving resilient people in resilient organisations, OCAID Wellbeing Ltd offers a Wellbeing and Engagement strategic support service. This is designed to support organisations in putting together an effective Wellbeing and Engagement strategy.

Harnessing the impact of Cultural Wellbeing™ achieves a triple goal, managing psychosocial risk, improving engagement and increasing overall business performance.

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